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3 hours [1 SAGA Artisan Point]
Prerequisite skills: Knowledge of basic smocking stitches.

This silk ribbon smocked egg is a confectioner’s dream, but without the calories! Its highly textured details are the result of ruched poufs of silk ribbon. Students will learn how to control silk ribbon for smocking—a skill that carries over to stranded smocking threads as well. Smooth finishing and smocking in-the-round will also be presented and demonstrated. The class kit comes complete with pleated ivory silk dupioni and there is no pre-class preparation.

Kit contents and cost: pleated ivory silk dupioni, 2mm silk ribbon, embroidery floss and finishing thread, needle threader and needles, egg form, detailed illustrated handout. $20.00


3 hours [1 SAGA Artisan Point]
Prerequisite Skills: Students must be proficient with basic smocking stitches.

This project is a keeper—literally! If you are forever misplacing your reading glasses or can’t keep track of your scissors, this is a solution. This class introduces a new cable stitch technique to appliqué ribbon to pleated fabric. It also features the little-used extended cable stitch. All of these cable stitches will give ample opportunity to learn how to stitch them to perfection. Stitching is done with overdyed floss, which is always fun, and the project uses the instructor’s smocking-in-the-round technique to eliminate the need for a finishing seam. Approximately one hour pre-class preparation (pleating, basting and backsmocking) required.

Kit contents and cost: ThreadworX overdyed floss, #5 darner needles, illustrated handout, $9.00


6 hours [2 SAGA Artisan points]
Prerequisite skills: Familiarity with basic smocking stitches and principles.

Class description: Even those not enrolled in SAGA’s Artisan Program will benefit from this hands-on class which focuses on the standards SAGA has adopted to uphold its purpose to foster the art of smocking. Emphasis will be placed on the basic Apprentice level smocking stitches—cable, outline/stem, wave/chevron, trellis, flowerette, lazy daisy, French knot and stacked cables—and their execution, including tension, thread alignment, stitch depth, starting and stopping. Preparation requirements will also be discussed as well as the criteria used for evaluation of the Apprentice level smocking sampler. Students will practice stitches on their own pleated broadcloth and are encouraged to bring samples of their work for critique and discussion.

Kit contents and cost: Detailed and illustrated handout, smocking needles. $10.00


3 hours [1 SAGA Artisan point]
Prerequisite skills: Students should know how a smocking pleater works and to have used one a few times.

Class description: When was the last time you devoted a little time to care for your smocking pleater? You’d be surprised at how a cleaned and lubricated pleater can make the pleating process so much more positive! Learn how to take apart your pleater, clean and lubricate its parts, identify damaged needles, sharpen needles, and then put everything back together. Pleating tips will be offered as you practice pleating a fabric sample.

Kit contents and cost: Lubricant, sandpaper, 4” x 22” gingham fabric for practice pleating, handout. $6.00


3 hours [1 SAGA Artisan point]
Prerequisite skills: Familiarity with basic smocking stitches and principles.

Class description: If just the thought of smocking or sewing with plaid fabric drives you mad, then this class is for you! You’ll learn how to identify plaid types, how to lay out a pattern in order to match plaid lines, and how to utilize plaid as an effective accent. By stitching small notebook samples you’ll learn how to select thread colors and how to create your own smocking designs by simply adjusting smocking stitches. An original dress pattern for an 18” doll is included because you’re certain to become mad for plaid and be ready to start your first project! Students furnish 1/4 yard pleated plaid fabric.

Kit contents and cost: This is basically a notebook class, but an original dress pattern for an 18” doll is included as part of the handout in case you want to put your new-found passion to use! In addition to the handout and doll dress pattern, the kit will include needles and spools of metallic and silk thread for you to try. $10.00


6 hours [2 SAGA Artisan Points]
Prerequisite skills: Students should be familiar with intermediate smocking stitches.

Class description: There is much more to backsmocking than holding pleats in place with a cable stitch for picture smocking. Smocking on the reverse side of the fabric, using a variety of stitches (wave/trellis, surface honeycomb, van dyke and feather), can produce exciting patterns and textures on the right side of the fabric. Prints as well as solids can benefit from this approach. Students will explore these possibilities as they stitch small reference swatches for their notebooks. They will also be able to plan and to begin their own "Reverse Sampler" of stitches. In addition, applications of reverse smocking in actual garments will be discussed. Students provide pleated fabric.

Kit contents and cost: Instructions and notebook pages. $6.00


3 hours [1 SAGA Artisan point]
Prerequisite skills: Familiarity with basic smocking stitches and principles.

Class description: In this hands-on project class students will use floss overdyed to stitch an Easter egg using the van dyke stitch. They will learn about overdyed floss and view the teacher’s many stitched samples. This is a great opportunity to brush up on the van dyke stitch and/or to perfect technique. Students will also learn how to stitch a project in-the-round to eliminate a finishing seam. Project finishing will be demonstrated; however students will be able to practice ribbed spider webs in order to complete their eggs at home. From this class students should be inspired to do other projects utilizing floss overdyed, the van dyke stitch and seamless smocking. Students provide their own pleated fabric in color of choice.

Kit contents and cost: Instructions with photograph, choice of ThreadworX overdyed floss color, Styrofoam® egg form and practice material for spider web finishing. $9.00