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3 hours [1 SAGA Artisan Point]
Prerequisite skills: None

Are you intrigued by hemstitching and drawn thread embroidery, but not quite sure how to go about it? This pair of bookmarks will let you explore the basics and leave you wanting to do more! Beginners, as well as seasoned stitchers, will find that easy-on-the-eyes 32-ct Belfast linen is a perfect foundation to learn basic hemstitch as well as ladder hemstitch, diamond hemstitch, and the very impressive interlaced hemstitch. The completed quick-to-stitch bookmarks also make great gifts, but you probably won’t want to give yours away!

Kit contents and cost: 32-ct Belfast linen for two bookmarks, tapestry needles, ball #12 pearl cotton and illustrated handout. $9.00


6 hours [2 SAGA Artisan Points]
Prerequisite skills: Familiarity with counted thread embroidery is helpful, but not essential.

Drawn thread embroidery only looks delicate and complicated. Learn how to withdraw fabric threads from easy-to-see 32-ct Belfast linen to create lacey open areas secured by basic embroidery stitches which include Italian hemstitch as well as van dyke, herringbone, cable and chain—identical to smocking stitches. The class project is a matching pincushion, needle book and student choice of either a magnifier glasses case or padded top for a handcrafted oval Shaker embroidery box to hold the pincushion and needle book. No pre-class preparation.

Kit contents and cost: 32-ct white 16” x 7” Belfast linen, interfaced silk dupioni lining, white #12 pearl cotton, silk satin ribbon, wool felt needle book page, wool batting, #24 tapestry needles, detailed illustrated handout. $21.00

Optional hand-made-in-Virginia Shaker embroidery box: $50.00 (must be ordered from instructor 8 weeks prior to class).


3 hours [1 SAGA Artisan Point]
Prerequisite skills: None

Meet Trudy and Maria! This charming pair of 5” angels will acquaint you with three basic hemstitching or drawn thread techniques: four-sided stitch, chevron stitch and fringed hemstitch. You’ll love their simplicity! Their skirts stitch quickly using pearl cotton and easy-on-the-eyes 32-ct linen. They are finished with woven silk ribbons that also define their waists with sweet bows. No pre-class preparation and all supplies are included in kit.

Kit contents and cost: 32-ct Belfast linen, #12 pearl cotton, silk ribbon, tapestry needle, Styrofoam® balls, cosmetic-size cotton balls. $12.00


6 hours [2 SAGA Artisan Points]
Prerequisite Skills: None

Every blushing bride needs a delicate bag to hold neces-sities. This project focuses on the coral knot as it is used in drawn thread embroidery to secure a border, to form decorative festoons and as a hemstitch. The design also features a drawn thread cable stitch, wrapped serpentine bars, the four-sided stitch (which looks amazingly like entredeux!) and needlewoven bars. The 8” x 10” draw-string closed bag is stitched on easy-to-see 32-ct evenweave white Belfast linen using #12 pearl cotton. No pre-class preparation required.

Kit contents and cost: 9” x 24” 32-ct Belfast linen, ball #12 pearl cotton, 3 yds 3/8” white double-face silk satin ribbon, #24 tapestry needles, illustrated handout with project photo. $19.00


6 hours [2 SAGA Artisan points]
Prerequisite skills: None

Class description: This delicate linen cap, enhanced with drawn thread embroidery and trimmed with satin ribbons, is just as appropriate for baby boys as baby girls. Drawn thread work, where fabric threads are withdrawn from the base fabric and the remaining threads are secured, is one of the oldest forms of embroidery. While it may look intricate and complicated, it is really very easy to do. The class focuses on withdrawing and reweaving of threads, various stitch techniques, plus hemstitching and turning two types of corners. For ease on the eyes, evenweave 32-ct Belfast linen is used for the cap. No pre-class preparation required.

Kit contents and cost: evenweave 32-ct Belfast linen, #12 pearl cotton, satin ribbons, needles, plus instructions with a photo of the finished cap. $13.00


6 hours [2 SAGA Artisan points]
Prerequisite skills: Familiarity with basic hand embroidery stitches including stem, lazy daisy, french knot, buttonhole/blanket, herringbone, feather.

SEWING MACHINE REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS; however embroidery is done by hand.
(Class size limit: 20)

Class description: Don’t you just love different hand embroidery stitches, especially if you need only stitch a few inches before moving to a new one or when you have free rein to try any and all variations? After using a quick and easy method to machine piece a small crazy quilt block from your own and shared fabrics, you will have the opportunity to try out a variety of hand embroidery stitches, including sorbello, pekinese, petal and pagoda chevron, using provided silk threads and ribbons. You may keep your finished crazy quilt block as a reference sampler or turn it into one of several projects. There’s no pre-class preparation for this class, just a raid on your fabric stash!

Kit contents and cost: a selection of silk threads and ribbons, hand sewing needles, machine piecing instructions and stitch directions for some interesting stitches, plus a couple of patterns for possible projects for finishing at home. $13.00